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Charlotte, NC Motel/Hotel InsuranceThe hospitality industry has unique insurance needs. If you own and operate a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast, you need a unique hotel motel insurance that offers coverage for this specialized business.
Check in to save insurance premiums with this program for establishments providing lodging, meals and other services. Type of accounts include, but not limited to, dude ranches, hotels, motels, motor inns, resorts, tourist cabins and tourist courts.

General Liability

  • Primary Limits up to $3,000,000 Occurrence/Aggregate
  • Hired and/or Non-owned Auto
  • Innkeeper's Liability
  • Liquor Liability

Included Coverages:

  • Medical Payments Coverage - $5,000 Limit
  • Additional Interests


  • $250 deductible required for Innkeepers Liability only


  • Basic, Broad or Special Form
  • Replacement Cost or ACV
  • Building
  • Contents
  • Business Income
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Computer Equipment
  • Contractor's Equipment
  • Outside Signs
  • Valuable Papers
  • Food Spoilage


  • Inside the Premises - Theft of Money and Securities
  • Inside the Premises - Robbery or Safe Burglary of Other Property
  • Outside the Premises

Let the Charlotte Business Insurance, help you understand and protect all of the risks you run and all of the perils your business faces. We will do this with a well thought out and executed business insurance policy designed just for our Motel/Hotel Insurance policy holder


Motels, Pubs, hotels, and restaurants have plenty of risks threatening their business. The risk can arise from security issues, food poisoning, theft, cyber-attacks, liquor liability, and many more unforeseen problems. As the owner of a business, you are responsible for anything that goes wrong within your premises. Comprehensive hotel insurance can minimize these risks. 

At some point, you may face lawsuits where your motel business is mentioned just because an incident took place within your property. This is why getting our hospitality insurance is essential for your business. 

How our motel insurance protects your business

Protect your building

If anything happens to your property, then you may suffer a considerable loss. Our hostel insurance covers damages to your building, including the cost of repairs and rebuilding. 

Coverage for contents

The equipment and contents of your motel must be insured. This protects customer's possessions and property belonging to your staff. With this insurance, we will help you quickly reimburse customers for damages to their possessions and keep their satisfaction high. In addition, the equipment that is necessary for the daily running of your motel can be replaced or repaired swiftly. 

Help with Personal injuries lawsuits. 

Injuries to third parties in your premises can hurt your business. The injuries can be life-changing for the customers and a loss of income due to the inability to work. You may need to compensate the victim and handle the cases with care to avoid damaging your reputation to your business. Our hotel insurance factors in public insurances so that you can compensate the injured party and continue with business as usual. 

Secure business income

Several factors can disrupt income, but our business interruption insurance will ensure you are always covered. Whatever the reason may be that causes this problem, a reduction in income should not force you out of business. 

Workforce coverage

This policy is a legal requirement and may land you in trouble if you do not have it. Your employees are your greatest assets, and hotel insurance will take care of your staff in the event of an incident. Our employee's liability insurance will keep you covered should anything happen to your staff while on duty. 

Having legal support

When it comes to employment laws, legal changes are more common. This means that the current procedure may be out of date, thus infringing your employee’s rights. Our legal expense insurance will assist in your case in case an employee sues you. 

Liquor liability insurance

You may be liable even for damages caused by consumers who get intoxicated in your motel. Our liquor liability insurance offers you robust protection and covers legal fees and other settlement claims covered. We will protect your business from potential lawsuits or claims arising from issues related to customer's intoxication.

Easy access to loans

With a hotel insurance policy, you will gain access to loans due to quick loan approvals by financial institutions. 

Getting our hospitality insurance will do your business good. Call us today for more information about hotel insurance for your business. 

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