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Food Truck Insurance

What is Street vendor insurance coverage?

Food truck insurance cover protects food carts and trucks from day-to-day risk exposures. The policies combine affordable coverages, which can be tailored to suit the situation of a cart or truck. Having the right insurance covers gives your business freedom to grow and mobility. 

What are the types of insurance for mobile food vendors?

General liability insurance. It protects your business from day-to-day exposures. It covers claims arising from injuries, property damage, and product-related lawsuit arising from food-borne illnesses spread by the food or beverage served.  

Business Personal property insurance. It offers protection for equipment not fixed permanently to the truck.

Commercial Auto Insurance. The policy is designed for vehicles used for business operations. It covers the truck and all permanently fixed items and offers protection for claims such as property damage and bodily injury during operations.

Workers compensation insurance. It provides coverage for employees injured while working. It also protects you from lawsuits by an injured worker.


What factors affect Insurance for food cart business premiums?

Location:  Your premiums could be high if you sell food in street fairs or frequent high-crime areas. 

Payroll:  The work an employee does and the payroll cost determines your workers' compensation rates. 

Property value:  You need to insure any property permanently fixed to your vehicle. The rates will be high if the equipment is costly. 

Coverage limit:  If you choose high insurance limits, you will have to pay higher rates. 

Actual cash value:  If your property insurance does not consider depreciation of equipment, it will cost extra. 

Deductibles:  Higher deductibles rates transplant to lower premiums because you assume a high degree of financial responsibility. 

Additional insured: To get well-paying gigs, you may have to add your clients as additional insured. 

How will an independent insurance agent help?

All licensed insurance agents know the various exposures or risks you may encounter during operations. They are capable of tailoring a coverage that will meet your Insurance needs to facilitate smooth running. Review your business in detail with your agent to determine a cover that suits best your truck business. 

What types of businesses need food cart insurance?

If your business serves beverages or food from a mobile cart, truck, or trailer, consider buying a food cart insurance policy. Businesses that need food cart insurance include ice cream bicycles and trucks, gourmet food trucks, hamburgers, hot dog carts, lunch trucks, restaurants with food trucks, and concessionaires who go to fairs, festivals, and carnivals. 

What coverages are excluded from food cart insurance?

Food cart policies do not include disability, health, or life insurance. If you need one for your employees or yourself, you can purchase them separately as stand-alone policies. 

What are the common claims made by Food truck vendors?

Fire. A Food truck carries and uses cooking equipment. This put the truck at risk of fire-related incidents than any other commercial vehicle. 

Theft. Food truck owners invest in valuables a d equipment for the truck. Since the truck is mainly left on the street during the night, thieves target them a lot.

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