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Do you need insurance to cover your dealership?  Charlotte Business Insurance can develop packages for any size auto dealership – even wholesalers without lots.  New or Used Car Dealer insurance.Charlotte, NC Auto Dealers Insurance

Here are some of the services we can offer:

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
  • Insurance for your Tags
  • Dealers Open Lot insurance for your lot
  • Garage Liability if you are working on cars or running a repair shop on premises
  • Garage Keepers Insurance – if you routinely store other people’s cars in the process of your business.
  • Dealer’s Professional Liability including Title, Federal Odometer and Truth in Lending coverage.
  • Workers Compensation for Health Plans for Employees
  • Building and Office coverage including employee theft.

We work with start-up dealerships as well as established car dealers.  As a start-up there are several important items you need before you begin selling cars – tag insurance, an MVA Bond, etc..  We can help make sure you are covered with all of this before you get started.

We offer Easy Payment Plans on all our services. Call us at 855-201-8934 and see how much money we can save you!

Let the Charlotte Business Insurance, help you understand and protect all of the risks you run and all of the perils your business faces. We will do this with a well thought out and executed business insurance policy designed just for our Auto Dealer Insurance policy holders.

Insurance is a topic with a lot of delicate aspects and should not be treated with levity. 

People tend to naturally get confused when it comes to understanding  policies' coverages and so on. One of such aspects that tends to create a dilemma is understanding the difference between  motor trade insurance and every day private car insurance.

A misconstrued perception of this can leave the businesses of such people highly susceptible to dangers.  

As a result, in this article, expect to become well acclimatized to the concept of motor trade insurance, what it covers and more.  

 Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is the parent term for a cluster of insurance policies which provide protection for workers in the motor trade. These workers include the following:

  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Vehicle recovery agents
  • Tyre fitters
  • Valets
  • Crash Repair and Body shops
  • MOT centres
  • Full-time and Part-time Motor Traders​

All these businesses may be aligned under the Motor Trade name, but they are susceptible to different risks. Thus, the need to fashion insurance policies to fit each of them arises. 

Basically, motor trade insurance provides protection for businesses to work on customer vehicles and also drive them if need be. 

However, that cover might be valid only for the business owner. Although, by specification, it could also cover for particular members of the business team, or virtually anyone who is part of the business.

Regardless of if you drive or do not drive your customer's vehicle, you need ample insurance cover in case any problem arises during your contact with the vehicle.

 Types Of Covers Available

An insurance policy is a mandated possession for every business owner in the motor trade.  

Nevertheless, the law is lenient with the kind of policy that must be obtained. Thus, motor trade business owners only need to subscribe to a policy which grants them freedom of running their business at the barest minimum level of risk. 

Typical Motor trade insurance policies afford 3 types of covers. 

  1. Road Risk Insurance

This is a fundamental form of insurance which protects the trader in case of damage, injury or death caused by vehicles attached to the business.

  1. Liability Motor Trade Insurance

This insurance type is outlined categorically for motor traders with employees. It covers also for customers within the company's facilities and for vehicles being serviced or repaired. 

Liability motor trade insurance has three plans for subscription. They include the following:

  • Product, sales and service indemnity cover 
  • Public liability 
  • Employer’s liability 
  1. Combined motor trade insurance

This cover is a comprehensive one that provides expansive protection against any form of risk a motor trader may encounter.  

From possible road risks, to probable premises or equipment risk or damage and so on. This protection type covers a motor trader who chooses to work even from home and not their regular workshop. 

Motor Trade Insurance And Regular Car Insurance

For a regular car insurance policy, you are covered to drive a car belonging to you or someone else, for private or commercial purposes. The latter purpose is however dependent on the coverage you subscribe to. 

On the other hand, motor trade insurance provides protection for vehicle sellers who own and drive more than one car, and also car repairers who tend to have contact with customers' cars.

Risks Of Not Having A Motor Trade Insurance

The first thing you should know is that having a Motor Trade Insurance is mandated by the law. Thus, it is illegal to ply the motor trade without one. 

Also, should any unprecedented issue spring up, the various costs that you could incur can be devastating. Meanwhile, you even risk serving jail time if the court convicts you. 

You surely do not want all these and more possible plights for your business.


Are you working in the motor trade industry and you do not really know of the risks you are liable to? You need our insurance specialists to help you out. We provide the best form of insurance for the automotive industry. Thus as a motor trader, you can trust us with your insurance. Receive a free quote today: https://smallbusinessinsurancegroup.com/