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Contractor Property Insurance

Contractor property insurance protects your investments based on the development of your business, such as equipment, tools, raw materials, merchandise inventory, and other related property.

If any loss occurs, such as theft, fire, destruction, or damage to these assets, property insurance will compensate these material losses.

Many factors dictate the type of contractor property insurance coverage one would need for a given project or construction company.

These factors include the person's relationship to the project (contractor, property owner, subcontractor), the type of entity buying the insurance (business or individual), and the type of property to be covered.

Need my company insurance for contractors?

Whether your business is in heavy construction, building construction, or home improvement, a general liability insurance policy or property insurance for contractors can help protect different types of companies in the construction trade with varying types of insurance.

What is the coverage of property insurance?


  • Commercial Property Insurance for Businesses
  • Fire and Water Damage to Your Building

Business personal property

  • Commercial Auto Insurance for Vehicles
  • Commercial Property Insurance and Mobile Equipment Coverage
  • Property stored at your office or building

Mobile equipment

  • Commercial Property Insurance for Mobile Equipment
  • Mobile Equipment Insurance

Named perils

  • Fire or lightning
  • Explosion
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Damage from vehicles or airplanes not owned by the business
  • Water damage, sprinkler leakage, or burst pipes (not water damage from a flood)
  • Windstorm or hail

Other Coverages

Construction general liability insurance (Insurance for contractors) may protect against several types of claims, including:

Bodily injury

The contractors' insurance covers any medical bills and personal injury compensation awarded to other people ( besides the contractor and his employees) due to malpractice.

Product claims

This coverage also provides coverage for damage-related claims caused by equipment that your company installs. 

Accidental advertising injury

If your company's slogan or advertisement campaigns are similar to a competitor's, you could pay for copyright infringement.

And if someone considers that your advertising is defamatory or libelous, you could be sued for libel. Commercial liability insurance can cover the associated cost, as well. 

Workers' compensation insurance

In almost all United States, employers must carry workers' compensation insurance if employees are injured.

Workers' compensation covers the health care expenses of injured workers, reimburses them for part of their lost wages: It also protects employers from some personal injury lawsuits brought by employees.

Commercial liability insurance does not apply if you or one of your employees is injured outside of any operation, work, or working hours. 

Commercial auto insurance

This coverage protects the contractor's vehicles and offers protection in case of accidents involving the company's ones, in addition to covering property damage related to theft, wreckage, and weather events.

Builder's risk insurance

This coverage is enabled upon damage by fire, acts of vandalism, or a named peril while a building is still under construction.

Professional liability insurance

This insurance covers in the event of professional errors based on negligence or inexperience, or exceeding limits, not associated with physical damage, such as failure to meet a project deadline, for instance.

Contractor's tools and equipment insurance

If your business tools or appliances are lost, damaged, or stolen, this policy will help with the cost of replacing or repairing them.

Contractor liability insurance coverage will offset damage to the third-party property caused by your company and its employees. Still, it does not cover damage to, or loss of, your company's property damage.

The construction industry carries lots of risks of job site injuries and other liabilities. Contractor property insurance can assist you in protecting your company from claims for damages during the construction process.

Nevertheless, it will not provide all the coverage and services you need to protect your business entirely. Our insurance company will be happy to work with you to create the foremost general liability insurance for construction companies package that meets your organization's needs at the best available rates.

Our insurance company, Small Business Insurance Group, helps you select the correct type of insurance for your construction project. For a certificate of insurance, contracting business insurance, contractor insurance, compensation coverage, and the foremost liability policy, call Small Business Insurance Group at (713) 388-6681 or request us a free quote HERE.